It's Miss McFearless, formally Emilija Scharfenort. 
I live and study in Darmstadt, Germany and work as a Scenic Lead for satis&fy. Somewhere in between this double life, I realize my personal projects.

I’m one of these twentysomethings, who has stopped wasting time into comparing myself to others.  Instead, I started to spend more time in figuring out what’s essential to me and stopped giving a single fuck about anything else.


McFearless is actually a pretty weird song from Kings of Leon. It started out as a joke, when I created my first social network profile, back in my teenage years. The years went by, I grew older, kept the name on my online identities. More and more people I got to know, thought that McFearless is my actual last name. And they were pretty distracted, when I cleared it up.

Over the years, uncountable colleagues, public authorities and clients were misspelling my real last name again and again. I got so sick of redirected E-Mails, that McFearless has been gradually applying itself.


Changing the subjects of iniquities, are my favorite kind of projects. Underneath thousand ways, to rise up against unloved authorities, the best one is, taking the anger it causes, transform anger into passion and passion into art.

Fun Facts

• I have a license to operate a fork lift.
• I have two Axolotl named Dexter & Eddie.
• Passports and official documents, that had to get printed a second time, because it’s apparently hard to write my name the correct way: 6.
• Times, I‘ve got seriously asked if this is my natural hair color: 7
• While I wrote this text, I heard Ed Sheeran on repeat, playing the Britney Spears Cover “Hit me baby one more time” - for hours.
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