The Swallow is a good omen. It‘s a symbol of change and the safe ending of a long journey. Ever since mankind first conquered the ocean, the swallow has always been an emblem of the maritime tradition. The tradition started in the British navy. Sailors adorned themselves with swallow tattoos under the superstition, they would return home safely.

If a tattooed sailor drowns, swallows would come after him and lift his soul to heaven. If you follow the swallow when you‘re lost on the open sea, it guides you back to the safe mainland.


It's the main plot of every time-travel Hollywood movie:
The protagonist travels back in time, changed a tiny thing and came back to a different reality.

So maybe a smile, we give to a stranger
can change the world fundamentally.
The main part of my campaign is a set of twenty-five cards, printed with little quests of multiple acts of kindness. I would like to make the recipient aware of his influence on the people and the environment.

They are placed randomly in public spaces, for people to find. Or given from stranger to stranger, to share the thought. It’s about reaching people directly, without addressing them directly. I want people to come across my message - instead of being pushed into it.

Take some time to look at all the good and beauty in this world.
The news are full of war, fear, and terrorism. It’s always about, catching our attention. I have the feeling, we sometimes forget about the good and beauty, that is happening all around us. So I would like to spread some good news, to remind the people about it.
I’m trying to find a sustainable solution for a print-product, to spread my message.

Classic flyers are too often ignored or thrown away. Also, they often end up as rubbish on public roads. Stickers retain their permanent place in the urban cityscape. Unfortunately, they leave adhesive residues or damage the substrate with long-term adhesion.

I am developing a magnetic flyer based on the shape of my campaign symbol. It consists of two layers of printed, weather-resistant PVC film, in which a thin layer of magnetic foil is enclosed. The flyer is placed on metallic surfaces of public places, for example, street lamps, traffic lights or metal containers.

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